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Layers of pretty lies crowd your craft,
allowing only diffused light to get through –
not your full shine
that is left at the door
that cracks open every third heart beat,
and only wide enough to slip one iris by
to catch glimpses 
of the work that visited you last night
and told the story of you.
Marivic Pinedo
May 1, 2017



Howarth Park | Everett, Washington | Apr 21, 2017


Only some things get through
What does pierces, shines, nourishes
What doesn’t leaves dark footprints –
reaching, fingering, stretching, searching for light

Marivic Pinedo
April 24, 2017

cummings and goings by Small One

creativity, life, Loss, Love

I have been participating in a haiku club. Every day, we get a new topic. It’s been the better part of my days to devote to structured verse. Today, the topic was “favorite poet or author” and am proud to have come up with this:

    cummings and goings by Small one

    you used sensual
    imagery with the use of
    lower case letters

    “kissing this and that”
    “i carry your heart with me”
    i cried and said “yes”

    your words got me en
    gaged! it would have been differ
    ent. another love

    but they were just words
    and the love did not last long
    and unlike your words

    floating on content
    never wallowed nor depressed
    i left love, steadfast

    the bitter taste of
    you; a film-like residue
    you will always have

    a place on my shelf
    a reminder that what was
    was not meant to be