Two Lips


Digital Collage | Two Lips | April 22, 2017 | Marivic Pinedo

Two Lips

Two lips
They don’t part
don’t whisper or utter sounds.
But the songs behind them
could shatter mirrors
reflecting dreams not realized.

Marivic Pinedo
April 25, 2017



The Language of Love

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I just watched this short “The Language of Love” via Upworthy.  Like a lot of their posts, I was curious about the content and what message was being sent across the internet.  This was about a teenage boy’s romantic feelings for his friend who also happens to be a boy.  It’s so wonderful.  I cannot imagine feeling afraid to have romantic feelings for another person.  I would be afraid rejection should that person not want to reciprocate those feelings, but to just have those feelings?  Please watch.

“The Language of Love”

And because I love learning about the process of how something was made, here is a video of the making of “The Language of Love”