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Sculpting is an incredible art. It is such a gift to be able to take a raw material and be able to chisel, pinch, bend, and who knows what else, into something beautiful. I like walking around them and finding ways to find either an emotion I’m getting from it that the sculptor intended a viewer to feel, or finding an emotion I think it exudes. Below are a few photos from my travels that stuck out for me.

A woman in rapture:


Museo Nacional de Arte, Mexico City (May 2016)


Play time:


de Young Museum, San Francisco (November 2014)


Heavy thoughts at the river:


Whistler, Canada (July 2016)


I’m ready for my close-up:


Musee du Louvre, Paris (March 2014)


No one’s supposed to know:


Musee Rodin, Paris (March 2014)


Clair de Lune

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I just found out that Clair de Lune is the third movement in the composition Suite Bergamasque by Claude Debussy.  It’s also inspired by a poem by Paul Verlaine of the same name.  I’ve always been familiar with the song.  It was reintroduced to me through an episode of Malcolm in the Middle (I know, right?  How did that happen?).  This song has me weeping.  Though sweet in melody, envisioning light touches of the piano keys, I feel an overwhelming sadness.  It’s tune, for me, paints a picture of a love that cannot happen.  A love that exists, that is full, that is brimming… but somehow, cannot come to fruition or is not allowed for whatever reason.  And because it cannot be, it (or the person) then must die.