Two Lips


Digital Collage | Two Lips | April 22, 2017 | Marivic Pinedo

Two Lips

Two lips
They don’t part
don’t whisper or utter sounds.
But the songs behind them
could shatter mirrors
reflecting dreams not realized.

Marivic Pinedo
April 25, 2017



Sunday afternoon play time

art, creativity, mental health, Seattle, therapy

The days are longer but the sky is still grey and the rain drips like a leaky faucet. In an effort to stimulate my creative center I dug into some old files and felt like playing.


I’m not sure what I was feeling when I made this. I just mixed together some images I had laying around. I’m sure a psychologist could say more about what my subconscious was saying at that moment.


Processed with VSCOcam with se2 preset

This image was an attempt at remembering what summer felt like this past year, which was wonderful – a welcome blanket of warmth for longer than previous years, and giving us these spectacular sunsets. I miss them.

Untitled Collage – August 27, 2014

art, creativity, friends, Motivation, photography
Collage Untitled

I’m not sure what to call this. I’m not sure if it’s even finished. “Untitled Collage” Mixed Media (magazine images, photo on RC paper, drafting tape, charcoal)

A friend reached out to me and asked if I wanted to meet up with him and a group of other friends for art dates. Basically, they get together and make art. The timing has been tricky to nail down for me, but I was able to commit to a mid-week art date this morning. It was a total success 🙂 Not only was I able to crank out this funky collage (Obviously, it isn’t museum worthy), but it was good times having some conversation or just sitting quietly and diving into a creative process. We were fueled by coffee, donuts, grapes, and chocolate, and listened to blues and swing music stations on Pandora. It was all just pleasing and meditative. Thanks, A, for the opportunity to let loose and do something creative.

The exploration of identity

art, creativity, movie, photography, therapy, work

Last night I met up with some friends from school to watch the film Blancanieves by Pablo Berger. The flicker from the reel above us was calming and meditative. The film itself was silent, but accompanied by flamenco music. It paced to the rhythm of alternating hand-clapping and the strum of acoustic guitars that brought to life every wink and smile, twisting wrists and tapping feet.

Entirely in black and white, as photographers we paid attention to the detail in tonal quality and luminescence. It was visually scrumptious. Extreme close ups, long shots, quick cuts, and noir angles made it a treat to watch. Elements of surrealism were used sparingly, but in a fitting manner.

I’ve been out of touch with creativity as of late. The 40-hour work week has taken precedence, but I’m starting to feel a kind of drain to my unique existence. One friend asked if I had added any pieces to the one collage piece I made from our last final together. I remember thinking it’d be interesting to create a series that spoke in the same vein as that piece. So, this morning, I brought out some spare prints, scissors, charcoal, and tape and played. I can’t seem to break away from my photograph that imitates Lee Miller’s “Nude Bent Over, c. 1930“. Something about surrealism speaks to me. I think it’s because it seems that surrealists are trying to tell a story, a lot of the times about themselves, and put it all down on one page/canvas/negative. I’m attracted to piecing together a narrative of sorts, and the exploration of identity.

Without further ado, here is the beginning of a second piece. It’ll sit on my floor until it becomes what it needs to become.


Title: TBD
Mixed media
(c) Marivic Pinedo

In a surreal state of mind

creativity, photography, work

This is what I’m submitting for my Photoshop final.

Before approaching this, I looked for inspiration. I dug through my journals, old photos, and personal paintings and drawings, and solidified the fact that I enjoy making collages. I’ve been making them throughout my life for me, for others, and I even wrote about how I want to put everything that means anything to me on one page. That was a huge sign.

I also looked at others artwork. Specifically, I happened upon a calendar we bought that is a collection of photomontages by Thomas Barbey. I was inspired by his surreal vision and the fact that he puts his images together through darkroom methods (stacking negatives, purposefully shooting with double-exposure in mind, etc.). It’s made me think about trying it out, but that’s for another day. I have also been looking at paintings by Edward Hopper and am intrigued by his ability to make people look alone in their thoughts or even isolated.

As to how this makes me feel… well, maybe it’s the weather and my personal challenge with this time of the year. I feel a little grey and the outside is literally grey. But creating things helps give me hope.