Howarth Park | Everett, Washington | Apr 21, 2017


Only some things get through
What does pierces, shines, nourishes
What doesn’t leaves dark footprints –
reaching, fingering, stretching, searching for light

Marivic Pinedo
April 24, 2017


The Future

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When we see them over the holidays, my husband and I find that our nieces have sprouted a few inches and have grown their vocabulary. They no longer just repeat what you ask them to say. They have gone from short sentences to tiny essays, complete with making statements and supporting those statements with two to three reasons. Their minds work at lightning speed. They’re thirsty and ready to challenge and question. My brain is never more challenged to be knowledgeable and creative than when I’m having a conversation with any one of them. To top it off, they are all very sweet and affectionate, greeting and leaving you with a hug and a kiss, and expressing their joy when they get to stay with us a little longer into their bed time. And not to mention, they are full of the kind of energy you wish you could bottle up and use on Monday mornings.

I spent time trying to teach one of them songs on the piano, her fingers trying to manage the correct hand positioning while following along with my movements. We found a book of Christmas songs and she eagerly sang along with my fingers that fumbled to find the right notes. “Jingle Bells! Jingle Bells! Jin – gle all – the – way!”

I watched another bond with her dad while he made her tiny pancakes, her feet dangling and swinging in excitement as the griddle sizzled and he told jokes. The quietest of the three, she expresses so much through her eyes. At that moment, like many moments I’ve witnessed, she was lit up by the time she was spending with her dad. Her dad is her world, and she is his.

And I marveled at the third at how well she could enunciate words in both Spanish and Arabic, my mouth struggling to repeat them. The word for “nose” in Arabic was the most difficult to grasp for me. I tried to repeat what she was saying, only to see she was a little frustrated by my attempts.

It can get crazy when they’re all together and having a great time. The volume increases and the cavernous nature of the house only amplifies their voices. What sounds like joy and laughter to them can sound like chaos to me. (I tell myself that’s normal. I’m just not a parent). At one point I thought out loud “Oh my god, they’re going to be teenagers,” and the thought just made my head spin. The drama will be greater, the interactions more intense. But with it I can see them exercising their will in greater detail and with more force. I can see them wanting more for themselves for deeper reasons. And as time passes their love for their family will not only grow but become more complex. It is the nature of families, and the inevitable path of the individual.

I only wait to be amazed by this next generation, and am grateful to have such intelligent and thoughtful girls in my life. Girls who I know will change the world in their own unique way.


Photo of the Moment – Upside Down

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After hours of walking around the Louvre, my body was done with being on its feet. On our way to the Metro, we passed the triangle that cut down into the shopping area of the Louvre and I snapped a few frames of it. I like how it looks more two dimensional and is cutting through the shot, like it’s another image altogether. The only thing that tells you it’s part of its surroundings is the one man’s head intruding on the triangle’s facade.

This means something.

art, photography
Fog Santa Barbara

Fog – Sailbot off the Santa Barbara Coast. Jan 2014 Photo by Marivic Pinedo

A boat is on its way to somewhere or possibly just anchored and sloshing about. The brightness, the idea of sailing are associated with feelings of happiness and freedom. But, at the same time, I see the thought of the unknown in the white and the vagueness in the shades of black to grey to be unsettling. Where is that boat going? What is beyond the horizon?

Fig Tree Santa Barbara

Giant Fig Tree – Santa Barbara. Jan 2014 Photo by Marivic Pinedo

This photo is dark, high in contrast, and fairly clear. It could come across as foreboding or sinister, the shapes gnarly and dark lighting are kind of scary. But being able to see nooks and crannies in the roots and limbs could also lend to being fascinated. It makes me want to see the rest of this tree. How large is it? How much more does that branch extend? There’s a curiosity that happens.

I guess my point is that photographs, art, can be interpreted to mean anything to anyone. An artist’s intension behind a piece of art – if there was any intension at all – could be totally lost on a viewer. That isn’t to say that that person’s understanding of the piece is wrong. Perception is everything. The next time you look at art consider the possibilities. Consider how someone else might interpret what you are looking at. Art can be about embracing and understanding something as having more than one point of view or meaning. I think that’s what art can be about. I think that’s how art can can speak and tell a story. Not from the one story it was possibly meant to tell, but from the many stories that come from the many people who experience it. And just remember: You don’t have to like it.