The Colorful Crooked House

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One of the not-so-joys of living in a neighborhood that was once quiet and up-and-coming, and is now a petri dish of dual-income millennial hipsters is the rage that comes with driving. In the past year speed plateaus and extra speed limit and stop signs have been installed around my apartment, which has thankfully slowed cars down, making it less a game of Frogger to get to and from my home by foot. But the biggest addition was designing this triangular shape in the middle of the road to basically make cars slow down, veer left, and stop at this new intersection. I find it entertaining. It’s like a driver’s education obstacle course. Others hate it with a passion. Bicyclists have a nice little cut out they can zoom through that can separate them from the impatient drivers. The middle of this little triangular jut-out (I don’t know what to call it) has been filled with planters, chalk drawings, a LA-Z-BOY rocking chair with a dummy sitting in it, and now this crooked little house.


Thanks for all the Fish

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It’s been a while since I’ve gotten fish from the Fishermen’s Terminal. It’s right across the Ballard bridge from our place. They’re always really friendly, and there’s never a wait for attention to get some fresh fish. Today, I opted for a pound of the Coho Salmon. I typically dash off to get home and put away the groceries, but today I took a few minutes to visit the memorial just around the corner. On big slabs of rock the names of people who had “suffered the loss of life at sea” were listed over the decades. I was most struck by the sculpture of the fisherman at the top of a column. He looks like he’s wrangling up a good catch, his hair wind-swept, depicting a man who is hard at work! And I couldn’t ignore how lovely the water looked. Anyhow, I thought I’d highlight one of my favorite places in Ballard – the place that sells all the great fish with a smile.


99 bottles of beer on the wall


Saturday night, Adan and I were invited to check out his co-worker’s husband’s band Red Jacket Mine. They were opening for Minus 5‘s CD release of their new album, Killingsworth. I thoroughly enjoyed the experience, and seem to feel this way after live music shows, mainly because I don’t go to a lot of them, so my senses are invaded in a very lovely manner.

Red Jacket Mine was incredible. Their sound is like buttery lemonade (which I read in one review, though I may be paraphrasing it a little differently). Smooth with a bite for the minor chords. Also, the lead singer is cute in a rockabilly-emo sort of way.

Minus 5 was like sitting on a stool at an Irish bar. Song after song after song, with little breath to be taken in between. We bopped our heads, smiled, and drank. At some point, they played the Eagles Take It Easy and Adan and I started to twirl around. I might as well have been wearing cowboy boots, a jean/plaid skirt, and sporting a perm. All in all, it was good fun and I look forward to RJM’s new CD coming out in October titled Lover’s Lookout.