Photo Walk, Seattle

It’s been a hot summer for Seattle with temperatures hovering between 80-90F (26-32C) these past couple of months. The days have been cloudless with little breeze. I’ve never seen so much skin and sweaty people outside of a gym or a beach outside of this state. I’ve grown to love sun and maxi dresses. And though we can adapt, and we are thankful for the extra Vitamin D, for some Pacific Northwesterners who thrive best between Autumn and Spring, the sun’s unrelenting shine has gotten the best of us.

Minus a few years after college, I’ve lived here since the early 90s, and I don’t remember having to dodge the sun so much in a summer. It was a big deal that we bought an air conditioner for our bedroom. Until this year, we were able to manage with an electric fan. I do what I can to keep the sun out by drawing my blinds by 2:00 p.m.  Because our living room and dining/kitchen area face west, the apartment heats up quick and we just bake until sunset, which isn’t until 8:00-9:00 p.m. these days.

I know. I know. I’m totally whining. Another negative side effect of being warm all day long. So, to prove I’ve been outside and enjoyed it, here are a few photos I took while driving my bro-in-law to some other neighborhoods he hasn’t yet explored. Below are scenes from Leschi, the East Portal Viewpoint, and Jefferson Park.


2 More Weeks!

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I’ve had a collection of work up at Fresh Flours Bakery on Phinney Ridge focusing on abstract and travel photography. They’re up through the end of this month, so if you haven’t already, grab a cuppa something and a tasty pastry (Trust me. They’re great pastries), and have a look. Contact me if you’re interested in any pieces or have any questions!

Recent abstracts up and hanging:


(L to R): Waterfall at Dusk, Spine 2, Rising Song

Support Photographic Center Northwest

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Since 2010 I’ve been participating in a fundraiser for Photographic Center Northwest called Long Shot. It’s an annual event where you take photos within a 24-hour period, submit five photos you like, and the school chooses one photo to exhibit and auction at a community event. All proceeds benefit the school. I think it’s great to have a school that can provide classes and resources for people who are experimenting with and passionate about photography. This year, I did a series of photos taken at my kitchen table. With the limit of 5 to submit, I had to take one out. I had my husband make that decision. It was tough.

If you support photographic art education, please consider making a donation here.

Come check out my work!

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If you’ve been following my blog and my photography at all, my work is currently up at Fresh Flours on Phinney Ridge (Seattle, WA) to view and purchase, if you like!

Showing with me again is Studio Cornix with new works in her Cell Portrait series. Here’s a phone pic peek:

Left to Right: My abstract photos occupy the left and center wall. The long wall to the right are photos from my travels. Each cluster is a different destination.



Clockwise starting from upper-left: Studio Cornix posing with her cell portraits, photos from Paris, abstract photography, and photos from the Central California Coast. You’ll have to check them out to see them in color!

Freaks and Geeks and Affairs

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I’m watching an episode of Freaks and Geeks where one of the kids sees his friend’s dad hugging a woman who isn’t his friend’s mom. The poor kid is crushed because he always thought this dad was cool. It made me think of how affairs don’t just affect the immediate family. The trust a child has in a friend’s parent is huge, and when it’s broken it’s confusing and sad.

In 4th grade, my best friend’s mom was having an affair while her dad was deployed – ouch! Her mom was nice, fun, and cool. But it all changed when she and another neighborhood mom started dating these other guys. I saw enough (nothing bad) of the affair that I kept my distance. I did mention it to my mom and my mom told me I couldn’t hang out at her place for a while. Months later, when my friend’s dad got home from duty, I biked over to her house and noticed everyone had been crying. In fact, I may have just arrived when all the shit went down. My friend told me her parents fought, and that was why there was a hole in the closet door. It was rough. And at some point, the other neighborhood mom (who lived across the street from my house) definitely got into it with her husband.

So, the point of all this is that affairs have a huge blast radius. It breaks up families and messes with kids ‘heads.

Rise, woman. Rise.


Rise, woman. Rise.

Push. Walk. Claw.


Rise, woman. Rise.

Pound your chest.

Reach into your cavity. Your haven. Your secret place.

Pull out your dreams. Pull out your fear. Pull out your shame. Pull out your pride.

That is you. That is all of you.

The slippery parts. The dry parts. The sweet parts. It is you.

Do not apologize.

Let your presence drip and stain this world.

Look ahead with a ferocity and tenacity.

Feel your body ache in fight. Feel your throat shred.

You are your own and no one else’s.

You are powerful. You are woman.

Rise, woman. Rise.