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What happens when you find an upgrade to replace your nine year old TV? You marathon The Crown. I really liked the show and couldn’t help looking up all of the royals, their family tree, their dramas, and seeing what evidence was out there that was being brought to life in this show (and has been brought out in countless other movies and shows). I wonder if the royals even watch these things? I’m most impressed with the casting. Everyone did fantastically, and the likeness of the actors to the people they are playing works really well, notably Matt Smith’s posture as Prince Philip. And I can’t say enough about John Lithgow as Winston Churchill. I find his performance award-winning. He’s just amazing. Anyhow, I was editing the above photo and couldn’t help but think of my latest binge. Below, you can check out this trailer for The Crown. And if you’re into the Royals, top notch performances, and have Netflix, I’d recommend it.



Freaks and Geeks and Affairs

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I’m watching an episode of Freaks and Geeks where one of the kids sees his friend’s dad hugging a woman who isn’t his friend’s mom. The poor kid is crushed because he always thought this dad was cool. It made me think of how affairs don’t just affect the immediate family. The trust a child has in a friend’s parent is huge, and when it’s broken it’s confusing and sad.

In 4th grade, my best friend’s mom was having an affair while her dad was deployed – ouch! Her mom was nice, fun, and cool. But it all changed when she and another neighborhood mom started dating these other guys. I saw enough (nothing bad) of the affair that I kept my distance. I did mention it to my mom and my mom told me I couldn’t hang out at her place for a while. Months later, when my friend’s dad got home from duty, I biked over to her house and noticed everyone had been crying. In fact, I may have just arrived when all the shit went down. My friend told me her parents fought, and that was why there was a hole in the closet door. It was rough. And at some point, the other neighborhood mom (who lived across the street from my house) definitely got into it with her husband.

So, the point of all this is that affairs have a huge blast radius. It breaks up families and messes with kids ‘heads.

The End of Midday Screen Time

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For the past year and a half, I’ve been taking photography courses and working part time. But starting Monday, I will be back in the swing of full time work (unrelated to photography). This means my days of sitting on the sofa or at my computer blogging, editing, and watching hours upon hours of shows, movies, videos via Netflix, Hulu Plus, my DVD collection, and YouTube are over. So, I’ve decided to make a Kodak moment of this time in my life, for I will probably never do it again.

Midday Screen Time

A typical lunch would be Ichiban ramen. I added bok choy to this batch and was watching “Save The Last Dance” with Julia Stiles and Sean Patrick Thomas. It isn’t one of my go-to movies, and after a few years of having not seen it, I was reminded of how important it is to face diversity head-on, take a chance on yourself, beat the odds, open your heart, and fight for a life worth fighting for. (Yes. I got all of those messages from this one MTV movie).

During this time I’ve learned that I can handle photography as a hobby, and not much more than that. That making art is a lifestyle I wanted to flow in and out of, and not necessarily live and breathe. I recognize that I have too many inhibitions. But that’s okay to me. At least I know this.

But I haven’t given up on myself. Far from it, I think I’ve gotten a clearer understanding of what I want from life. My dreams are not what I thought they were. I think I’ve romanticized a lot of them. It’s as if I took on a life I should’ve started in my 20s, but did it in my 30s and realized I don’t have the energy or drive like I would have back then. And, most importantly, my life isn’t just my own. I share it with another person, and my goals have become our goals in the best sense of the idea.

So, I say goodbye to midday screen time. It was a wonderful run. Full of laughter, tears, excitement, and joy. Goodbye to good company. Namely, the Crawley’s of Downton Abbey, Shawn and Gus and their psychic investigations, the women of the Joy Luck Club, the chauvinistic men of Mad Men, and more. I could not have gotten through this period of my life without them.