Photo Walk | Fisherman’s Terminal

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The September Sun has been awesome. The transition to Fall feels almost seamless. I went to the fisherman’s terminal with intention to take good photos and came up with these. For some abstract images, check these out.




Photo Walk, Seattle

It’s been a hot summer for Seattle with temperatures hovering between 80-90F (26-32C) these past couple of months. The days have been cloudless with little breeze. I’ve never seen so much skin and sweaty people outside of a gym or a beach outside of this state. I’ve grown to love sun and maxi dresses. And though we can adapt, and we are thankful for the extra Vitamin D, for some Pacific Northwesterners who thrive best between Autumn and Spring, the sun’s unrelenting shine has gotten the best of us.

Minus a few years after college, I’ve lived here since the early 90s, and I don’t remember having to dodge the sun so much in a summer. It was a big deal that we bought an air conditioner for our bedroom. Until this year, we were able to manage with an electric fan. I do what I can to keep the sun out by drawing my blinds by 2:00 p.m.  Because our living room and dining/kitchen area face west, the apartment heats up quick and we just bake until sunset, which isn’t until 8:00-9:00 p.m. these days.

I know. I know. I’m totally whining. Another negative side effect of being warm all day long. So, to prove I’ve been outside and enjoyed it, here are a few photos I took while driving my bro-in-law to some other neighborhoods he hasn’t yet explored. Below are scenes from Leschi, the East Portal Viewpoint, and Jefferson Park.


2 More Weeks!

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I’ve had a collection of work up at Fresh Flours Bakery on Phinney Ridge focusing on abstract and travel photography. They’re up through the end of this month, so if you haven’t already, grab a cuppa something and a tasty pastry (Trust me. They’re great pastries), and have a look. Contact me if you’re interested in any pieces or have any questions!

Recent abstracts up and hanging:


(L to R): Waterfall at Dusk, Spine 2, Rising Song

A walk around the neighborhood

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Yesterday, I went for a walk around town. I had to run a couple errands for myself, so that was my main motivator. The sun was out, but the wind had been blowing for two days straight, the flag across the street flapping uncontrollably. Winter has been kicking my butt, so a friend firmly recommended that I do two things: 1) Get a happy light and sit in front of it daily and 2) Get the strength to get out of the house for a walk regardless of the weather. I’m building a new routine. I’m working on the lamp (research), but am taking walks.

I started out by visiting a new cafe that opened up in town. It was pretty and its decor is European-inspired, but I wasn’t jazzed about the coffee. I was impressed by the fact that they have sparkling water on tap:

Ballard-Walk (11.25.15) - SM(FR)-5

The walk down the main streets were full of trees shadows, once again:

Ballard-Walk (11.25.15) - SM(FR)-2Ballard-Walk (11.25.15) - SM(FR)-3

And I felt like snapping store fronts today:

Ballard-Walk (11.25.15) - SM(FR)Ballard-Walk (11.25.15) - SM(FR)-9

And some randomness:

Ballard-Walk (11.25.15) - SM(FR)-4Ballard-Walk (11.25.15) - SM-10Ballard-Walk (11.25.15) - SM(FR)-6Ballard-Walk (11.25.15) - SM(FR)-8

It’s another sunny day, and a holiday. Perhaps we’ll go to a water front and check it out before the Thanksgiving eating starts.

Sunday afternoon play time

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The days are longer but the sky is still grey and the rain drips like a leaky faucet. In an effort to stimulate my creative center I dug into some old files and felt like playing.


I’m not sure what I was feeling when I made this. I just mixed together some images I had laying around. I’m sure a psychologist could say more about what my subconscious was saying at that moment.


Processed with VSCOcam with se2 preset

This image was an attempt at remembering what summer felt like this past year, which was wonderful – a welcome blanket of warmth for longer than previous years, and giving us these spectacular sunsets. I miss them.

Seattle Foundation’s Give BIG – May 6, 2014!

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On May 6, 2014 Give BIG to a Seattle nonprofit organization that values what you value and believes in the causes you do. Help strengthen a community by considering a contribution to any of the hundreds of organizations listed on the Seattle Foundation website. All donations made through the Seattle Foundation will be partially matched. Stretch your donation dollars! This is a one day event you cannot miss.

Marivic’s Community Giving and Humanity Bettering Christmas List

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sasquatch-n-meI was thinking about things I’d like for Christmas, even though I couldn’t possibly ask anyone to get me anything because I honestly don’t need anything that I don’t already have some version of.  But what I think might be more helpful is if we spend our money and time helping each other.

Below are places that could use your help.  The first thing listed being the most important.  Please keep in mind that this is my own personal list and it’s only a few of the MANY things I care about.  Other than the Philippine Red Cross, I have had direct involvement with the other organizations listed here and feel comfortable listing them.  I may add more as the days go by and I remember  things that aren’t coming to mind right now.

Philippine Red Cross
By now I hope you all know about Typhoon Haiyan and how it has devastated the Philippines.  Thousands upon thousands are without homes, food, medical attention.  People have lost not just possession, but loved ones.  It’s incredibly heartbreaking.  Please help or donate as much as you can.

Philippine Red Cross:

More information:

Photo Coverage:

Seattle Children’s Hospital
The staff at Seattle Children’s are incredibly hard-working people.  I know because I used to work there and many of them are some of my closest friends.  They are dedicated to the mission of providing uncompensated care to children who need special medical help.  Their research teams are doing their best to work toward eliminating pediatric illness.  They are a nonprofit hospital and rely on donations, grants, and government funds.  But we cannot underestimate individual giving.  Please consider doing that.

Ways to help:

Seven Star Women’s Kung Fu
I can’t tell you how much this place rocks!  I just finished my beginner’s cycle and am learning all kinds of awesome things.  But most importantly, it’s a wonderful community focused on women’s well-being by strengthening your sense of self through self dense and kajukenbo kung fu.  They run on the power of a steering committee and the volunteer time of their students.  But like all nonprofit organizations, they can always accept more to better the facility and provide equipment.  Please consider supporting a school that empowers women!

Your support goes to kick-ass women!

More about Seven Star:

White Center Food Bank
My friend manages the garden here.  It’s amazing.  I did not spend my childhood growing things or planting things on a regular basis.  I helped out for a couple of weeks here with the garden, doing some watering and harvesting some food.  The food I picked went directly onto a distribution table that qualifying families could then pick up and take home.  Seeing that was incredible.

They can always use help:

More about White Center Food Bank:

Power 2 Give Puget Sound
I’ll be damned if I live my life without art.  In whatever form it comes.  I want access to programs and the space to have art, appreciate it, and share it.  This site is specifically for organizations in the Puget Sound region.  See what projects need help.  As a bonus, corporate support is matching $1 for $1 !

Keep the arts alive:

More about ArtsFund, who is making this possible through Power 2 Give:

Other states with projects to sponsor through Power 2 Give (note, they may not have matching like some of the Puget Sound projects do):

Support the Samarya Center
Nonprofit 501 (c) 3 organization dedicated to the practice of yoga for well body, well mind.  I’ve taken classes here and every one of them was a refreshing experience and mind-calming experience.   It’s not just about bending your body.  It’s also about being mindful about your actions.

Help them re-locate and support their transformation:

Visit their website for more about what they do: