Holiday Gift Ideas

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If you’ve been interested in purchasing one of my art prints, or are looking for holiday gift ideas, stop by my Society6 store and have a look. There are several 24-Hour promotions* that you can take advantage of, including free shipping on everything! Here is what you can save and when:

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Nov 21: $5 Off Stocking Stuffers (phone cases, tote bags, carry-all pouches, leggings, t-shirts, v-necks, all-over print tees, biker tanks, tank tops, tapestries, coffee mugs, travel mugs, metal travel mugs, art prints, stationery cards)

Nov 22: $6 Off all Tech (all phone cases, phone skins, laptop sleeves, laptop skins)

Nov 23: $5 Off all Apparel (t-shirts, v-necks, long sleeves, hoodies, leggings, totes, carry-all pouches, biker tanks, tank tops). I don’t have a lot to offer in this area, but definitely check out all the other cool artists with fantastic work you can wear!

* All Promotions Start at 12:00 AM PT and End at 11:59 PM PT for the select date. All discounts automatically applied. No promo code needed.


The Colorful Crooked House

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One of the not-so-joys of living in a neighborhood that was once quiet and up-and-coming, and is now a petri dish of dual-income millennial hipsters is the rage that comes with driving. In the past year speed plateaus and extra speed limit and stop signs have been installed around my apartment, which has thankfully slowed cars down, making it less a game of Frogger to get to and from my home by foot. But the biggest addition was designing this triangular shape in the middle of the road to basically make cars slow down, veer left, and stop at this new intersection. I find it entertaining. It’s like a driver’s education obstacle course. Others hate it with a passion. Bicyclists have a nice little cut out they can zoom through that can separate them from the impatient drivers. The middle of this little triangular jut-out (I don’t know what to call it) has been filled with planters, chalk drawings, a LA-Z-BOY rocking chair with a dummy sitting in it, and now this crooked little house.



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9th grade was a big time for me. I attended three high schools. The longest part of that year was spent in the Bay Area, when I lived on Treasure Island. I went to a school in the city. I made friends, but I mostly hung out with other kids who lived on the island. Two of them were my closest friends at the time. One died a year or two after I moved away. The other has started a family in another part of the country. They were good friends. I was definitely a nerdy kid. I was in band and jazz band. But being nerdy doesn’t mean you don’t have hormones. Nothing happened in that department, but “crushing” was had. And as much as I want to get into all of the various emotions that filtered through me in my early teen body, I won’t. Instead, I’ll just say that it was a huge moment in my life with lots of drama – good and not so good.

For some reason, that time in my life has taken up a huge space in my chest. Mysteries after my friend’s death, not knowing where the other moved off to, and for some reason my thought that it was all a dream. Luckily, I found one of them five years ago after a lot of internet searching. We’ve emailed a few times, but we’re in different spaces with different lives and families now. But he does remember that time and knew about our friend dying. A huge weight was lifted off my shoulders after hearing from him and validating that what I know was not fiction.

So, on my recent trip to San Francisco, I took a bus out to Treasure Island to see what it looks like and reminisce about old times. It is no longer a military base. The Government sold it to the city, and the units are still being lived in (at least the ones that haven’t been torn down to make way for new development). It’s quite different, as far as how it feels. It feels civilian and evacuated. The view of the city, though spectacular, lends a feeling of sadness and longing. What brightens it is Bliss Woman, a statue from the 2010 Burning Man. She was such a stark contrast to an area that looked like sprawl-in-transition.

I wanted to walk the Sea Wall one more time; a stretch of walkway that wrapped around most of the island. My friends and I used to climb the fence to get to it because it separated it from the housing units and didn’t have doors in the middle. Unfortunately, most of it was closed off to construction. So instead, I walked down streets wondering if that’s where I used to play. It’s been over 20 years since I lived there. I looked closely at housing units wondering if that was one friend’s house or another’s. I remembered where I lived and walked further into the neighborhood and found my family’s unit. It was the only one on that street with a tree in front of it. I remember looking out of my bedroom window past the tree’s branches and out to the Richmond Bridge that you could see in the distance between two other buildings. It was boarded up halfway. No one lived in it. I stood there quietly and took it all in. Inhaled. Exhaled. Took pictures. Remembered. Cried. So much happened in such a short period of time. So much that left deep grooves inside me filled with a plethora of memories – ones I cherish and ones I’ve learned to accept happened. It was quiet except for the whoosh of the breeze in my ears that whipped my hair around, and lifted the scarf off my chest.  I walked away and caught the next bus off the island. From a pier on Embarcadero I looked across the bay to the island and said “goodbye”.

Bliss Woman

The view from my old room.

View from my room. 1993.

The view from my room in 1993

9th grade cursive.

Marivic’s Community Giving and Humanity Bettering Christmas List

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sasquatch-n-meI was thinking about things I’d like for Christmas, even though I couldn’t possibly ask anyone to get me anything because I honestly don’t need anything that I don’t already have some version of.  But what I think might be more helpful is if we spend our money and time helping each other.

Below are places that could use your help.  The first thing listed being the most important.  Please keep in mind that this is my own personal list and it’s only a few of the MANY things I care about.  Other than the Philippine Red Cross, I have had direct involvement with the other organizations listed here and feel comfortable listing them.  I may add more as the days go by and I remember  things that aren’t coming to mind right now.

Philippine Red Cross
By now I hope you all know about Typhoon Haiyan and how it has devastated the Philippines.  Thousands upon thousands are without homes, food, medical attention.  People have lost not just possession, but loved ones.  It’s incredibly heartbreaking.  Please help or donate as much as you can.

Philippine Red Cross:

More information:

Photo Coverage:

Seattle Children’s Hospital
The staff at Seattle Children’s are incredibly hard-working people.  I know because I used to work there and many of them are some of my closest friends.  They are dedicated to the mission of providing uncompensated care to children who need special medical help.  Their research teams are doing their best to work toward eliminating pediatric illness.  They are a nonprofit hospital and rely on donations, grants, and government funds.  But we cannot underestimate individual giving.  Please consider doing that.

Ways to help:

Seven Star Women’s Kung Fu
I can’t tell you how much this place rocks!  I just finished my beginner’s cycle and am learning all kinds of awesome things.  But most importantly, it’s a wonderful community focused on women’s well-being by strengthening your sense of self through self dense and kajukenbo kung fu.  They run on the power of a steering committee and the volunteer time of their students.  But like all nonprofit organizations, they can always accept more to better the facility and provide equipment.  Please consider supporting a school that empowers women!

Your support goes to kick-ass women!

More about Seven Star:

White Center Food Bank
My friend manages the garden here.  It’s amazing.  I did not spend my childhood growing things or planting things on a regular basis.  I helped out for a couple of weeks here with the garden, doing some watering and harvesting some food.  The food I picked went directly onto a distribution table that qualifying families could then pick up and take home.  Seeing that was incredible.

They can always use help:

More about White Center Food Bank:

Power 2 Give Puget Sound
I’ll be damned if I live my life without art.  In whatever form it comes.  I want access to programs and the space to have art, appreciate it, and share it.  This site is specifically for organizations in the Puget Sound region.  See what projects need help.  As a bonus, corporate support is matching $1 for $1 !

Keep the arts alive:

More about ArtsFund, who is making this possible through Power 2 Give:

Other states with projects to sponsor through Power 2 Give (note, they may not have matching like some of the Puget Sound projects do):

Support the Samarya Center
Nonprofit 501 (c) 3 organization dedicated to the practice of yoga for well body, well mind.  I’ve taken classes here and every one of them was a refreshing experience and mind-calming experience.   It’s not just about bending your body.  It’s also about being mindful about your actions.

Help them re-locate and support their transformation:

Visit their website for more about what they do:

Fall Carnival Fundraiser for R-74 a success!

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The fundraiser for Washington United for Marriage was a success. For more information about this referendum, learn more at the site here. There was face painting, a coloring table, a bake sale that left us full of sugar, family and friends. The photo booth played a great stage for people to let loose and show their support for marriage equality. Some photos from the event below. For more photos, check out the album on the Facebook page!

Bake Sale goodness

I like to call this “FUEL Clan Gang”.

Face painting was a hit.

Reading and coloring table fun!

Animal masks!

“FUEL Clan Gang II”.