Walking On the Outside

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Three years ago on a visit to Chicago, while my husband and I were walking along the edge of Millennium Park, we were approached by a man asking for some money. He appeared jovial and hopeful. Feeling good ourselves, we gave him some money. He responded with “Thank you, man!” leaned in for a hug, and said to my husband “And you’ve gotta walk on the outside of her!”

A man walking on the outside of a woman is an old custom with various origins ranging from needing to keep the sword side free if it needed to be drawn, blocking a woman from the muck that splashes up from the street, and being on-the-ready to shield a woman from harm. Oh my! I’m curious to know how many men still practice this custom. It shows up in gentlemen’s etiquette guides. I don’t mind the act of chivalry, but by no means expect it. With that said, sometimes when my husband tries to shift to take the outside, I look at him with a confused look on my face and stand my ground. Sometimes I forget that he’s trying to make this gentlemanly gesture. It’s comical and sweet.

We laughed loudly and bashfully, and wished him and his partner a good night. As we continued down the way, we held each other tight, happy to have met a nice person who was down on his luck but still had a sense of humor. And with one smooth move, my husband switched places with me, and took the outside.

Chicago - Smashed Mirror Building

View from the sidewalk along Millennium Park. Chicago, Illinois. May 2013.



Greetings from overcast Santa Monica, CA

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A few snaps from this overcast day. It felt like home.

On our way to Sidecar to get lattes and donuts. Too bad the weather doesn’t match this kid’s day’s activities. 

Don’t worry. We split this between three people. From top to bottom: Apple Fritter, Huckleberry, Malasada with Haupia (Hawaiian haupia custard-filled), Buche de Noel (Chocolate and crushed pistachios on top), Butter Salt. All were delicious. We’ll have to go back tomorrow.

Processed with VSCOcam with t1 preset

Processed with VSCOcam with t1 preset

Succulents abound in Southern California. 

Brothers checking out one of the Tongva Park lookouts onto Santa Monica Beach.

Overlooking Santa Monica Beach and Pier. This is a random gentleman enjoying the view. 

More succulents at Tongva Park and skylight windows for the public restroom beneath.

I want to say this is a fig tree. I imagine one could sit between this tree’s roots and get lost in a book 🙂

Prehistoric looking agave plant.

Lunch at Umami Burger. This was their recommended truffle burger branded with the restaurant’s “U”. Cooked medium rare and admittedly very delicious.